The Morning After

One factor of life that proves that God has the ability to be a sadist is the hangover. The throbbing head, the bloodshot eyes and the nausea are enough to make you feel like you are lying right on death’s door. But there are solutions to this age-old problem.
When your night out starts by meeting up with Jack Daniels and ends with Jose Cuervo on your lips, there are ways out of the predicament of a hangover the morning after. Here are my tips on curing the worst of hangovers to at least leave you feeling like you can live to see another day.


Have a bottle of Powerade before you go to bed. Just to ensure that you don’t forget to have some, leave the bottle by your pillow so that when you throw yourself into bed, your energy drink is right beside you. Sure, it will make you pee like a race horse but it will help you out the next morning.


It’s no secret that drinking on an empty tummy will leave you worse for wear. In order to avoid this I would suggest having a Streetwise Two or a Twister meal before a big night out. This way you get to have a delicious meal and save yourself the trauma of a pounding head.


Anyone who has had a good party will know that almost nothing is as satisfying as a Big Mac or Crispy Chicken Deluxe Meal! I don’t know what exactly it does to the body but it leaves you feeling much better then you should when you wake up.

The Nasty

A big night out will often leave you with a stranger in your bed. But those of you who do wake up next to a trust-worthy partner will know that both of you are probably in need of an endorphin boost. I doubt you will feel like getting frisky but it would be beneficial to you both if you get it on so go on, just do it!

Greasy Breakfast

Bacon, eggs, chips, fried tomatoes, a cheese griller or two… This is what is needed after several shots the night before. Go for it, it will leave you feeling much better!


Personally I think this is just stupid but given the fact that I have been to many traditional functions and some of my friends swear by it, one way of curing a hangover is by having more alcohol. I would not advise it but if it works for you, by all means.


Sure, you probably won’t want to get on a treadmill the next day but the toxins that previously entered your body need to be released somehow. If you feel as though gym is too much to ask, get your ass to a sauna and sweat the toxins out soldier!

Orange Juice

Orange juice is always a good idea to make one feel better. Pair this with your greasy breakfast and you’ll definitely be good to go!


Take a multivitamin before you go out and have another one with Ibuprofen before you go to bed in order to cure the headache and leave you feeling tons better!

Well now you know! Next time you have a hectic night out, follow these simple tips and you should be feeling as good as you felt before all the alcohol! Good luck!          


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