NMMU Judo Self-Defence Classes


The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Judo Club is offering free self-defence classes to the institution’s residences. According to Arendse Amish, a Bcom third year student and the club’s assistant coach, “Every two weeks per year, the Judo Club offers self-defence classes.”

Amish said that even though the classes focus more on NMMU, they also do them outside the institution as well.

“The club is for all the varsity institutions in the Bay, including the FET colleges,” he said.

“And no, it’s not a res initiative, but it’s convenient to do them at residences as the students residing there will know how to defend themselves,” added Amish.

“We strive to empower everyone with the ability to defend themselves against attackers or when a situation arises. We strive to uplift the lives of those in the community by conducting outreach programmes in disadvantaged areas, in the form of specialised training sessions and assisting where needed,” said Amish.

Asked about the age of the participants, Amish said that the club caters for anyone in the institution.

“We also run these classes for staff and students in the institution, just as long as you are part of the institution and the community,” he added.

According to the e-mail sent by the club’s manager Bernard Petersen, “the classes are offered on Saturday, 12 May between 10:00 to 12:00 at the Xanadu Sweet Saal.”

Those interested are asked to e-mail their intentions to the club’s manager at Bernard.petersen@nmmu.ac.za or contact him on 076-402-7317 or 041-504-1244.


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