Student Parliament Became A Political Battle in NMMU


Student parliament turned into a political battle between student political organisations on 25April in North campus Auditorium at NMMU. The conflict was between DASO and SASCO delegates in this parliament. Both delegates of these organisations were disagreeing on how the student parliament should be convened.

The parliament started late and students moaned while waiting for the SRC to provide the list of the expected delegates. The students with credentials, who observed, were chased out of parliament by the SRC.

The SASCO delegates were made a noise while the parliament proceeded. They also criticised the DASO lead SRC for contravening the Student Legislature by allowing ordinary students to observe and participate in the parliament. The SRC president, Yusif Cassim, then requested that security remove anyone who wasn’t allowed in the venue. This resulted in chaos between all the students, including those who had come to observe.

Students from other societies who attended this parliament watched with the huge interest as the political battle between SASCO and DASO continued.

Student Governance and Development Officer, Mr Anda Nyondla intervened and was insulted by the SRC president for his efforts. The student parliament became a disorderly venue. Security moved around the place intimidating speakers and removing others.  This resulted in the collapse of the event because some students were singing, others stood around and others were seeking to clarify the procedural issue.

According to the SASCO’s Secretary in South Campus, Buthanani Goba, accused the SRC of breaking more than ten acts in the SRC Constitution and said that they should be held accountable for their actions.

The allegation was denied by Oppidani officer of the SRC, Mkhokeli Bandla, who says “It is SASCO delegates who disrupted the parliament by behaving like hooligans, because they are still bitter about their last year loss. We are representing the interest of students”.


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