Have we lost our dignity as South African women?


“South African women are the most undignified women in Africa.”

This was a statement made by a fourth year Botswana nursing student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I was sitting right next to these two men in a taxi when they made this comment; I say they because the other student also agreed with the statement.

This statement really got me thinking: have we really lost our dignity that men from other nations look at us as undignified? I asked them why they say we have no dignity, these guys just laughed at me and said there are so many reasons to mention, but the one they can think of was that we are very cheap.

“You buy a girl  KFC and the next thing you can take  her home and have sex with her and pay for her taxi fare the  next morning and that’s it, if you want to contact her again you can but you are not obliged to,” said the other student who is doing his third year in civil engineering.

The young men explained that before they came to study in South Africa they had never had girlfriends. Simply because the village they come from in Botswana if a girl sleeps over at your place they are not allowed to return to their homes and you will have to marry her.

It was different when they got to South Africa, you could sleep with as many girls as you wished to sleep with and not be committed to any of them.

The saddest part is that they do not wish to marry in South Africa. When they are ready to take wives they are going  back home to find one there because to them South African women will just bring shame to their families.

A group of social work students also from the university who were in the taxi said this is only the Botwana men’s opinion and they are very wrong in thinking as they do; we as South Africans are not like that and just because these guys met a few rotten girls that does not mean we are all rotten.


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