Nelson Mandela Bay municipality has a couple of innovations to save energy. The Bay now has invested R60-million in a new project called the Bay Light Innovation.  In 2011 Nelson Mandela Bay townships received solar geysers.

Nelson Mandela Bay municipality is implementing anything that will be environmentally friendly.   Last year Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University tried   to discuss   other ways of generating electricity like thermal energy, solar and wind energy.  Nelson Mandela Bay has already initiated the project of generating energy from the wind.

The campaigns fighting global warming become more visible and vibrant, even governmental departments partake in initiatives. The Light Innovation is primarily operated in Greenbushes.  Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Zanoxolo Wayile has announced that this initiative ought to develop the lives of people. It is another way of eliminating unemployment. The municipality is trying to justify and make people live much easier

According to the company leading this revolution the operational expenditure is valued at R77, 4 million. This project is set to create 80 to 100 new jobs in the Bay area.  Speculation is that this has resulted from discussions with the municipality and Lighting Inventions which began June 2011.

Mayor Wayile believes that this project is another step of growing the local economy, facilitating skills development and job creation. Luzuko Mamle, a Greenbushes’ resident said that they are quite excited about this project because some people in the community will win bread for their families even though the jobs are not permanent.



  1. It is great to learn that municipalities such as NMBM is creating more jobs although they are not permanent, like you said, and at the same time contributing to a more green living. If all municipalities can learn from NMBM poverty can be fought. Although jobs are only temporary, this might lead to new innovations that will create permanent jobs to these people. I lived in J’bay for 2 years and I must say, wind power will most definitely be an effective form of alternative energy.

    • We here at NMMyou believe that the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality can lead the way, with more businesses joining initiatives such as this one and thus easing unemployment. All in turn alleviating issues of poverty and inequality. Keep reading and commenting.

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